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Invisible Waste: How to Manage and Reduce Wastes in Facilities Management

Lãng phí vô hình trong quản lý cơ sở hạ tầng - Invisible waste in Facilities Management

To promote sustainable practices and efficient resource management, facilities managers nowadays need to prioritize identifying and managing invisible waste in facility operations. These hidden sources of waste tend to drain resources, increase costs, and negatively impact both the environment and the overall performance of facility operations. To address this challenge, proactive approaches are necessary. Obviously, […]

Sustainable Development in Facilities Management

Sustainable development in facilities management

In recent years, businesses have been implementing sustainable development in Facilities Management (FM) to move towards a green-oriented society. An annual growth of over one million industrial and commercial buildings around the world face innumerable social, economic and environmental challenges. This can cause a broad range of adverse effects on human well-being if these are […]