RCR Vietnam: Winner of SME100® Fast Moving Companies Award 2020

RCR receives SME100 Award

December 18th is a memorable night for RCR Vietnam as we were crowned as the winner of SME100® Fast Moving Companies 2020. More than an award, SME100 is a powerful platform for acquiring new knowledge and developing business.

RCR receives SME100 Award

The SME100® Awards ceremony crowns the fastest, most successful and trustworthy SMEs in the region. Since its establishment in 2009, the SME100 has served as the premier regional awards for small and medium sized enterprises. More than an award, SME serves as the pinnacle of trust and benchmark of reliability among business owners.

Debuted its first year in Vietnam, SME100 had nominated more than 612 companies, with 225 companies selected in the shortlist. After undergoing rounds of interview, data-driven auditing and evaluation, RCR was awarded as one of 39 winners of the SME100® Fast Moving Companies Award 2020.

RCR Team at SME100 Ceremony

RCR Vietnam’s Management Team at SME100 Award Ceremony

 “When the SME100 Award was established 11 years ago, the market and the economy were very different compared to today. As the business growth rate escalate, so does the rate of volatility, uncertainty, and adversity. Henceforth, it was far more challenging to run a business today than 11 years ago. As one of the SME100 winners in Vietnam, you will be carrying the Vietnamese flag with pride, and greater motivation as well as responsibility to conquer new heights at international level. Especially, since you are the first businesses to win this award” – said Mr. William Ng – Editor-in-Chief of SME Magazine Asia. (Source: Vietnamnews.vn)

RCR's General Director does interview at SME100 Award Ceremony

Mr. Kyle Hackenberg had an interview after receiving
SME100® Fast Moving Companies 2020

A statement from Mr. Kyle Hackenberg

“To everyone who received nominations and awards, I say well done. RCR Vietnam is proud to be one of Vietnam’s Fast-Moving Companies. The Management team accepts this award on behalf of our people who form the backbone of our Company. RCR Vietnam is a company built on integrity with an absolute commitment to safety and performance excellence. We also focus on developing productive, sustainable, mutually beneficial partnerships with our clients, partners, and the wider community. Through our people we have created real value for our customers through process and systems and deliver value which supports our strong reputation. This award enables our people to further create and maintain a significant competitive advantage in our young market. It also stimulates and encourages our people to continue the progression and evolution of our Company and bring further value to our current and future customers.”

2020 is a difficult time for every business in every industry as the COVID-19 struck earlier this year. Nonetheless, through all the hard work, dedication, determination and perseverance of our people, RCR Vietnam has ended 2020 as the winner SME100 Fast Moving Companies. This is the highest accolade for an SME to aspire for. The best year of RCR Vietnam has not yet to come. We are looking forward to opening new window of opportunities, creating more values and conquering new challenges in 2021. Last but not least, we would like to send our appreciation to the hard-working staff of RCR Vietnam and SME100® for creating this platform.


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