On-site Engineering

A well-operated facility ensures people’s safety and increases the cost-efficiency of an organisation.

RCR’s technicians and engineers embed on your site to help achieve your goals for health and safety, operational efficiency, and energy management.

Let’s upgrade the backbone of your business.

on-site engineering






What does an optimized
facility look like?

Improvement in facilities’ performance creates a positive
return on investment and effect on the people.

This is what leveling up looks like:

  • 100% Health and Safety compliance, involved by all parties
  • Increase the value of the facility while assets are protected
  • Save energy while operating without interruptions to
    production or services
  • Continuously engage through new ideas and technology
  • Has a multidisciplinary team to bridge knowledge gaps and resolve issues

Our experience and focus on Engineering give us the advantage that property companies cannot offer.

We optimize facilities performance
using our experience in

“It was an easy decision to roll over multiple contract extensions”

RCR provides continuous technical solutions regarding energy efficiency for our Thanh Oai site. The Site Manager and the head office team have all been extremely flexible for B Braun over all the years. It was therefore an easy decision to roll over multiple contract extensions.

RCR also achieved reductions and savings in energy resulting in significant cost savings.
How did we successfully do it?

Read our case study>>

Ready to start improving your site?

RCR’s team of dedicated professionals can find everything
to improve your site, week over week, month over month, and year over year.

Let’s build a better site for your bottom line and your people.

Improve your facilties today

How long does it take to
receive a quote?

If you have no tender documents or scope of work exist, RCR can work directly with your key stakeholders to build a comprehensive Scope of Work document.

After working with your key stakeholders to receive the necessary information, RCR provides a bespoke solution within 3 – 4 weeks. This includes face-to-face meetings and several site visits.

Alternatively, we are more than happy to receive Tender Documents and follow a set-up timeline to process as per the client’s expectations.

How will RCR improve your
Quality Management System (QMS)?

RCR Vietnam has built an extensive Quality Management System, based on our history, experience, and the theory of world-class QMS. Our approach is based on documentation, verification, and development.

We work with stakeholders (relevant engineers, the client, and RCR National Office) to build a complete checklist of required documentation for each team within the engineering department.

We perform a comprehensive annual audit. We also set an action plan and targets to ensure the QMS is open to change, ready to adapt, and always up-to-date (new technology, new maintenance standards, updated ISO provisions, etc.).

Transform your facilities with us

Our dedicated team has the experience and vision
to take on both challenges and opportunities to take your site to the next level

We will develop solutions that align with your business goals and needs.

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