Is RCR a fit for you?

To respond to your inquiry, we start by understanding the goals, recommending strategic direction, and estimating the effort to execute the proposed solutions.

Here is some more information that may help you understand if RCR is a fit for your project.


Are you looking for an FM partner to help manage your facilities?

Sustainable Growth

If you only want short-term projects (project-by-project, handyman doing simple fixes, 1-year contract), RCR is probably not a fit. Our specialty is on-site engineering. We focus on the sustainable transformation of our clients.

Continuous Cost-saving

Our clients have saved thousands of dollars from our services. It takes a certain amount of time to bring out the full effect. We provide ideas and learn continuously from other sub-contractors to actively save costs.

Risk Management

Applying international standards of processes and procedures, RCR protects organisation’s assets and equipment. This helps to ensure absolute safety, improve efficiency, and avoid business interruptions.

Do you have a limited budget?


Many companies can do quick “fix and repair” work, but the RCR approach is customised and has a long-term positive return on investment. Our solutions are designed specifically for clients who have higher expectations for results, and consider long-term financial savings over short-term benefits.


Transparency is the key that helps us to build a harmonised partnership with our clients. We develop an “open book” method in which we collaborate with the client to provide clear and concise feedback. Everything we do is documented and reported to the client.

Can you service multiple locations across Vietnam?


RCR’s main model is on-site operations and maintenance. But depending on your requirements and your facilities’ needs, we can offer the most suitable solutions.


We listen to and learn your problems, then together develop alternative directions that fit most with your business objectives.


We consistently and thoroughly communicate with our clients and people to ensure that our performance is aligned with the client’s expectations and goals.

Do we sound like a fit?


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