Hard Services


With our knowledge and experience in the integrated facility management sector, we ensure to effectively diagnose, repair, operate, maintain and document all your facilities and systems under our management.


It is our responsibility to help your company runs fluidly 24/7. RCR ensures to effectively operate, monitor and control all your facilities under our management to supply utilities continuously to manufacturing and support groups


Whether your sites having trouble in evaluating the stresses in an existing steam line, solving problems in a defective process vacuum system or establishing a Standard Operation Procedure, we can resolve any of your challenges


Whether water management, water treatment, or wastewater treatment, you can place your trust in us to provide the latest methodologies to treat your water. We shall ensure the quality of water, relevant to each specific situation, whilst reducing the cost of doing business without interrupting your business’s operation


Making all equipment and machines run at their maximum efficiency and preventing major catastrophes by stopping the problem before it starts – this is our philosophy of executing maintenance scheduling. This helps your company’s operating system run smoothly as well as saving time and saving costs


With our Predictive Maintenance methods and procedures, we can detect and diagnose your equipment problems days, weeks, or months before failure. This helps your organization to minimize equipment downtime, increase reliability, and improve performance and safety while reducing operation and maintenance expenditures


Identifying the root cause of a product defect, pinpointing faulty repairs and the lack of a mechanism for timely supplier recovery only add to costs. Our warranty management system can help your company reduce warranty cost while speeding up recovery with precision, and enhancing warranty forecasting accuracy


With a team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals in Fire Protection, Fire Alarm & Fire Fighting systems, RCR ensures facility-related services and activities are performed in a safe, healthy and environmentally-friendly manner, while meeting and exceeding all of the latest Vietnam Government’s policies & customer expectations