RCR supports organizations in developing, managing, and executing Environmental Management practices that reflects the business needs, regulations, and legislations, regardless of the business type and scale.

With Environmental Management services, RCR provides a systematic approach to identify business actions that has direct and indirect effect on the environment, find practical and effective solutions to achieve sustainable goals while protecting the environment, benefitting the local community, and saving costs.

Benefits of
Environmental Management


Meet legal and environmental requirements

RCR environment management services help your business review the necessary documents, process, and staff qualifications, to stay 100% in compliance with environmental requirements and provide corrective actions allow your business to quickly and effectively correct any non-compliance


Attract more customers, investors, and shareholders

As many people become more aware of their impacts on the environment and start using eco-friendly products and services, being sustainable not only boost your business public image and reputation, but also attract more customers, investors, and shareholders


cost savings

Through utilizing existing raw materials, managing energy (water, gas, and electricity) consumption, and reducing waste, RCR improves your business’s environmental performance resulting in an increase in your cost savings