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How to create a Preventive Maintenance plan

How to create a preventive maintenance plan

When a machine breaks down due to a lack of maintenance, it causes productivity loss or interruption to service, and eventually a decrease in profit. An effective Preventive Maintenance (PM) plan is the foundation to prevent all these problems. Machine maintenance is a crucial operational process in any industry or sector. By doing regular machine cleaning […]

Total Productive Maintenance (TPM): An Overview

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Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) is the strategy used to maximize equipment effectiveness through the active involvement of all supporting departments. The goal of Total Productive Maintenance is to improve the overall productivity – Zero Accidents – Zero Defects – Zero Breakdown – Zero Waste by optimizing the availability of equipment. Key Takeaways What are the […]

What Is The Best Maintenance Strategy?

Best Maintenance Type

Maintenance is the regular practice that technicians perform to ensure system efficiency and reliability. There are many types of maintenance strategies that have been introduced and successfully implemented. They are divided into 3 main categories: Reactive Maintenance, Proactive Maintenance, and Total Productive Maintenance. Each of them has its own set of maintenance strategies with different pros […]